Bari Weiss, the free speech advocate

If you are a free speech advocate writing for a prominent newspaper, it seems like you are always doing one of two things your whole life. One is bringing the moral high horse out of the stable and saddling it every time the Nazis are organizing a cross-country march. These are low stakes for the free speech advocate, except for maybe having to watch his local barista being set on fire, and being forced to remark, “It’s beautiful.”

But then there are high stakes events, like when someone says that skull calipers don’t work or race science is racist or something along those lines. If that gets published in a well-read paper, then the free speech advocates are forced to do their second thing. Feverish letter writing.

The main thrust of the letter is not in the contents of the message, a wordy condemnation of the race-denying writer, but in who the letter is addressed to. The letter isn’t just addressed to everyone in the free speech advocate’s contact list. It is also addressed to The President, the Generals of the three wings of the military, the Reserve bank, the Postal service, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, everyone on twitter in general. If that’s not hot enough, the letter is going to be addressed to race denier’s parents, her grandparents, nieces, and her pulmonologist. You know what free speech might be cool as fuck, but fuck this guy who besmirches the good name of Hitler and the Confederacy.



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