What is a nation?

A nation is what comes to the rescue of a government whenever it fails at governing a country. A nation is an emotional construct whose roots seem to be entrenched in history, when they really exist only in psychology ,what I call our dreams. In the end, we are all chimpanzees fighting in the high-entropy-generating forests of the third millennium, tearing each other up for food, shelter, sex, and territory.

We are like kites chattering in the diffuse air in the troposphere. Talk all you want about the dignity of human life, and fundamental rights, and liberalism, but there is the thread that holds us down, that connects us to our silent nightmares; our homeland, the archetype for a nation. Our homeland exists in the past. The past doesn’t exist except for the reading of the past. So our homeland exists in memory, in things piled up on an island far away. Almost everything there is dead, except for our homeland. What happens when you let Frankenstein among the cadavers, among dead things? He builds our greatest nightmare, and also his own.

A nation is then what we piece together from the dead. But why do we do it? Why, while floating in the heights, above the simple birds, do we dream of the ground? Like Frankenstein, we don’t choose our dreams. Ours not to question why, ours but to do and die. The homeland will call, and we will have to pick up the axe, and the dagger, and wage war. But homelands exist only in memory, so it is our dreams that call us, and if it is our dreams that call us to besiege battered forts, then maybe it is reasonable to assume that it is our own voice that is setting us on our path to slaughter and genocide.

Where a billionaire burns bundles of dollar bills to keep himself warm.